Ticketed Shows

Impractical Jokers and Eric Andre will each perform three identical shows in the Stardust Theater – our largest indoor venue.

Every guest will receive:

  • ONE ticket to one Impractical Jokers show in the Stardust Theater.
  • ONE ticket to The Eric Andre Show Live in the Stardust Theater.

While making your reservation, you will select your group (Group 1, Group 2, or Group 3) and an exact seat in the theater using an interactive map. This map will show available inventory in real time. Each group will be assigned one Impractical Jokers show and one Eric Andre Show Live with the exact day/time to be announced at a later date. You will have the same seat you selected for both shows. 

See a 360° view of the Theater

Want to see a detailed map of every spot in the venue? Check out the Lower Chart or the Upper Chart.

We want to ensure everyone has a great experience! If you require wheelchair-accessible seating or mobility-impaired seating, please contact us when booking so that we can help find the best seat for you based on availability. 

All other shows in Stardust, on the Pool Deck, Spinnaker Lounge, Atrium, etc. are General Admission allowing all guests to attend any show they desire and sit in any available seat - you can come and go as you please.

The exact performance schedule of all acts on the Get Ship Faced lineup will be released prior to the cruise.