David Zucker

With a string of worldwide box office hits and a few classic comedies to his credit, director/writer/producer David Zucker has established himself as one of​ ​Hollywood’s (or at least Wisconsin’s) most successful filmmakers.

Starting out after college in Milwaukee, with a borrowed video tape deck and camera, David, with brother Jerry, and friend Jim Abrahams, created the K​entucky Fried Theater,​ setting up shop in the back of a Madison bookstore. Moving the show to Los Angeles in 1972, with their groundbreaking style of outrageous sketch​ ​comedy, they quickly became the most successful small theater group in Los Angeles history.

After parlaying this success into an iconic independent feature, K​entucky Fried Movie​, David, Jim, and Jerry conceived the idea that would create an entirely new film genre. ​Airplane! ​broke all conventions, featuring dramatic actors like Robert Stack and Leslie Nielsen performing zany jokes with straight-laced sincerity. The spoof became the surprise hit of 1980s, beginning a streak of hilarious movies including ​Top​ ​Secret! Ruthless People,​ ​The Naked Guns​, ​BASEketball​, and S​cary Movies 3, 4​ and​ 5.​

David also found time to produce the successful, but not so hilarious A​ Walk in The Clouds a​ nd Phone Booth. ​He’s currently working on the next film in the The Naked Gun series with longtime writing partners, Pat Proft and Mike McManus, and he’s completed and will be shopping T​ he Star of Malta,​ a somewhat twisted version of Film Noir. David currently resides in Los Angeles where he is celebrating the start of the NFL season.