Adam Green

Filmmaker Adam Green is an icon within the horror genre having written and directed 10 feature horror films to date including FROZEN, DIGGING UP THE MARROW, SPIRAL, CHILLERAMA, and the hugely successful HATCHET franchise. Spawning the modern day slasher icon “Victor Crowley,” there are currently 4 films in the HATCHET franchise as well as multiple action figures, Halloween masks, and a long running comic book series based on the films. (Q starred in the fourth HATCHET film: VICTOR CROWLEY!) Green also created and starred in the television sit-com HOLLISTON and his long running weekly podcast THE MOVIE CRYPT has been hailed as one of Entertainment Weekly magazine’s “Top 20 Podcasts On The Internet.” Green’s various comedy short films and original digital series like “Adam Green’s Scary Sleepover” and “Horrified” have garnered well over 6 million views on his official YouTube channel as well.

The “Get Ship Faced Cruise" will mark Green’s 4th voyage out to sea with the Impractical Jokers crew and his horror movie nights in the main Stardust Theater have been a huge hit each year. This year Green will be showing the un-rated director’s cut of his 2007 masterpiece HATCHET complete with all of the over the top gore and bloody good stuff that was originally cut out of the film for theaters by the MPAA! A Q&A will follow hosted by Q.